UK Bank

Client Money – Virtual Account Solutions

Original research into the market for client money solutions which allowed professional firms such as Solicitors and money managers to manage client money which while in a single bank account has to be legally segregated.

A research report was prepared outlining the key vendors which were evaluated against a defined evaluation model.


Market Research

Market research and analysis of IT providers in South Africa, including systems implementation and outsourcing.

A market analysis report was prepared analysing the state of the market and respective strengths and weaknesses of each service provider. Some elements were published on, some fed to the Gartner market statistics Dataquest database, and some detailed analysis shared with clients.

Government of the Sultanate of Oman

E-Government market infrastructure analysis

Analysis of the market infrastructure in Oman to support the implementation of its e-Government Strategy. This resulted in multiple initiatives, including a national smart card scheme, e-payments infrastructure and hub provider, and national security infrastructure.

Pakistan Enterprise Board

Analysis of IT sector and opportunities

Analysis of the IT sector from education through to infrastructure and suppliers. Preparation of a strategic plan to improve the sector.