UK, European, Middle Eastern, governments, NGOs, petrochem, pharmachem, telco, utility, etc.

ERP, HR, CRM, ECM systems and implementer selection and negotiations for many organizations, including hardware and software selection and contracting, implementer selection and contracting

Structured vendor engagement and procurement processes

World class contracting and terms and conditions, leading to lower costs

Middle East PetroChem Process Manufacturing

ERP, HR, Asset Management, Manufacturing, Logistics systems selection and implementer selection approach. This included requirements definition, systems short-listing and selection

Rapid requirements definition using standard models.

Rapid shortlisting based on existing knowledge of products

Detailed evaluation of shortlist, leading to a number of best of breed and consolidated system scenarios for consideration

Recommended best solution

European Gas Utility

ERP, CRM, HR systems and implementer selection. Managed the entire process and logistics, including requirements definition, stakeholder planning, evaluation models, vendor engagement, scoring

Structured approach to requirements definition, procurement process, vendor engagement, evaluation models

Used structured cost benefit analysis to build business case

Managed the process and logistics of vendor and implementer selection

UN Agency

ERP selection for global implementation, focusing on contracting approaches for vendors and implementers, and vendor negotiations

Designed contracting approaches for vendor and implementer deals

Part of vendor negotiation team, leading to one of the best worldwide deals ever

Best practice implementer contract structures

Mauritian Bank

ITEF used its core banking system SEM to:

Create a vendor short list

Define the business requirements

Develop the Request for Proposal

Develop the vendor evaluation criteria and model

Evaluate the vendor responses

Assist in developing scripted scenarios

ITEF also assisted in the contract negotiations to enable the Bank to get the best deal in terms of price as well as licence model and terms and conditions.

Rapid requirements definition using ITEF SEM

The Bank successfully selected a new core banking system

Substantial licence cost reductions were achieved during the negotiations

Many contract terms unfavourable to the Bank were negotiated out of the contract

The on-going reviews provided advice and guidance during the implementation

Middle East PetroChem

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system selection, using ITEF ECM SEM model

Rapid requirements definition using ITEF SEM

Vendor shortlist and selection using requirements

Structured selection and procurement approach